Makeup analysis: How to get this dazzling look from Jessica Alba

Doll face, cat eyes and a perfect mouth… Who would not want the looks of actress Jessica Alba? Or at least a spotless makeup such as hers? Let’s take this look that may date from a few years (she wore it at the Chanel fall-winter show 10-11) but has that timeless elegance to it: a glowing complexion, light makeup, all lifted by a splash of bright lipstick. Here are some tips to get the look…


Jessica Alba

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Steps for perfect makeup in a record time!

Putting your makeup on in the morning will never have been this easy! We’ve compiled steps and clever products for a successful express grooming routine!

Whether it be beacause you don’t have enough time, motivation, or skills, creating a nice makeup look is not always easy. But believe it or not, all it takes is some clever products and a few simple steps, to show off a radiant glow in only a few minutes. Here are 5 little tips…

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Saying goodbye to dry feet!

To avoid chapped or even cracked feet, you need to take care of them on a daily basis… with the right products! Here are a few tips for soft as silk feet.

The foot is a complex limb, with 27 bones and lots of joints. On a daily basis it is extremely solicited, which explains why so many people complain of foot pain. What about dry feet? Women and men are all just as susceptible to experience them, if women are a bit more sensitive – notably because of open shoes!

The foot, an area naturally subject to calluses

Dry skin on the feet is quite a common occurence. Indeed, the foot is naturally poor in sebaceous glands, which nourish the skin and avoid drying out. What’s more, with age, feet produce less and less sebum and become more and more dry.

Contrary to what we may believe, sweat doesn’t avoid dryness. The most sensitive part is of course the heel, on which we can find heel calluses, which, if not treated, can cause cracks then crevices – which can be very painful.

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Hyperkeratosis – cutaneous dryness – is due to excess pressure on the heel: skin tries to protect itself and creates calluses. If there is too much callosed skin, there is a risk of cracking. As long as cracks remain on the surface, on the epidermis, it’s superficial. But as soon as they reach the derma, it becomes very painful.

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Guide: Choosing the right hand cream

Our hands are very fragile and need daily attention and care. Prefer creams with moisturising, nourishing formulas, as well as repairing ingredients for the pamper factor. Here is our little guide for choosing the cream that’ll leave your hands soft and beautiful.

To help you find the best products for your needs, and at good prices, we’ve also gathered our favourite picks from Boots, which you can purchase with a Boots Discount Code.

Hand cream is one of the essential beauty products, to have with you everywhere you go. Hand skin is thin and fragile, and is subject to a number of external aggressions on a daily basis, hence the importance of taking very particular care of them with products adapted to their delicate nature.

Water Pouring on Person's Hand

The best hand creams are those that contain active ingredients with moisturising, nourishing, softening and/or repairing properties to take care of our dear little hands all year long.

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