Things to know before you get a piercing

It doesn’t really matter what age you are, when you’re considering getting a piercing you should know the following:

  1. Get a proper reputable piercing specialist! – There’s no point skipping out on this, don’t go to a friend who’s practicing, don’t copy the girls in Parent Trap or you’ll be in trouble! Get a reputable professional who knows their stuff! If you get a piercing done badly, you could be left with scarring, disfigurement, pain and it could lead to cysts growing under the skin.
  2. Fire some questions towards the piercer – Ask them what they’re going to use to pierce you, ask them if it’s cleaned, ask them how long they’ve been doing it and if they’ve ever come across any complications.  You’re not being difficult! you’re keeping yourself safe and remember it’s your body so ask all the questions you want.
  3. The specialist should sterilize the equipment they use after every piercing – It doesn’t matter where you go.. they should always sterilize the equipment. You’ll find properly certified tattoo and piercing parlors have an autoclave machine. This uses high temperatures and steam to sterilize the “gun” before and after each use. If they don’t clean the equipment properly there is a risk of bacterial, fungal and viral infections.
  4. You can be allergic to earrings – Some people are allergic to certain metals, most of the time it’s nickel. So if you know you’re allergic to anything let your piercer know.
  5. The piercing does hurt – but not for long. It lasts like a second, two at max! Remember your skins getting pierced with a needle. If you’re nervous or really scared there’s a chance you can faint so let your piercer know and they can let you lie down. I have to do this everytime I go get blood taken, my body just shuts down!
  6. It could be sore for a couple of days – The instant pain from the piercing will disappear quite quickly but you could have some swelling or redness. This will last for around 2 days at max!
  7. Double check how you look after it before you leave – Understanding how you clean your body/piercing is vital in preventing an infection.
  8. Understand the risks – areas like your nose have more risks than other areas. The upper ear has further risks too, this is because places with more cartilage tend to have more problems that can occur.

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