Steps for perfect makeup in a record time!

Putting your makeup on in the morning will never have been this easy! We’ve compiled steps and clever products for a successful express grooming routine!

Whether it be beacause you don’t have enough time, motivation, or skills, creating a nice makeup look is not always easy. But believe it or not, all it takes is some clever products and a few simple steps, to show off a radiant glow in only a few minutes. Here are 5 little tips…

Makeup your lashes for a pretty cat eye

Nothing beats nicely curled eyelashes to open your eyes. To curl your lashes quickly and perfectly, opt for a mascara that is a bit thick, but not too much; you want to avoid clumps! Obviously, with time or talent, or both, you can also take time to curl them beforehand with an eyelash curler, but a good mascara applied on the top lashes (only very lightly if on the bottom ones as well) will do wonders!
No7 Velvet Lash Mascara (Boots)

Pink on your cheeks to awaken your complexion

Nothing like a bit of blush to boost the look of your face. To apply, try to not force on the brush too much, and trace a diagonal line just under the cheekbone for a natural look.

Fill your eyebrows for a strong look

For a stronger look, draw your eyebrows in a very light, or more sustained manner. Always go with strokes, without putting too much on your brush: if the result is too scattered, you can always add some. For a quicker action, use an eyebrow pencil or tinted mascara specially formulated for that area. Ideally, choose two shades for your eyebrows: lighter on the inside of the brow, darker on the tip.

Woman With Black Textile

Draw the outline of your lips with a pencil

Don’t skip the liner step before filling your lips with a lipstick. The benefit? The liner will prevent the lipstick from overflowing, and lets those who are a bit insecure about their small lips add a bit of volume (without stepping into a surgeon’s office). To avoid the artificial look, choose a liner that is the same colour as your lipstick.

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Brighten your eyes with a light eyeshadow

Last quick and easy step for a super quick makeup? The light coloured eyeshadow to open up your eyes; apply a bit at the inner corner of your eye.

Rimmel London Magnifi’Eyes Mono Shadow (Boots)

And there you go, all the right moves to create an express makeup look in due form. One last little tip – obvious but also essential – remember to moisturise your skin correctly before starting anything.

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